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Dragon Age Inquisition Download Free PC Game

Dragon Age Inquisition Download Free PC Game

Dragon Age Inquisition Free Download

Dragon Age Inquisition is the most wanted and latest Action Role-playing video game, exclusively available on GAMEoak for free download.
Dragon Age Inquisition game is developed by BioWare and Published by Electronic Arts.
We have uploaded before many similar games like Dragon Age Inquisition in our previous posts as well. You can check those other PC Games from here.
Dragon Age is an Action paced role playing game

Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Dragon Age Inquisition PC Game is the third sequel to Dragon Age series. In this version, the game is featuring larger environments with lot more opportunities to explore.
In Dragon age PC game, both male and female can play multiple race. In this game, Qunari is also available to be played for the first time, where you can play as in the Dragon Age, as a human or as a Dwarf.
Screenshots are very interseting
The interesting thing about Dragon Age Inquisition game, for those who are playing it for the first time is that it has many mini games about romance as well that can be enjoyed by matures only. Teenagers and kids must stay away from those mini games.
fight in Dragon Age Inquisition PC Game
However, Dragon Age Inquisition is strongly focused on a player's ability to create and build his/her own team and members. But one thing is for sure, this version of Dragon Age Inquisition promises to give more control to the players over their gaming experience. The game features some destructibility, as players being able to destroy wooden bridges to help dispatch enemies quicker, gates, crates, etc.
Dragon Age game has extra ordinary features

In Dragon Age Inquisition game, players can customize their keeps depending on what they have chosen, similarly, players can also customize armor and their appearance as well. This clearly means that customization is very much expanded in this new version. The various regions that make up the game world do not scale in level. They have a fixed level, which means players can be either too weak or strong for the enemies found in that region.
Best graphics in fighting in Dragon Age Inquisition

System Requirements

CPU Speed:AMD quad core CPU @ 2.5 GHz, Intel quad core CPU @ 2.0 GHz
OS:Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit
Video Card:512 MB, AMD Radeon HD 4870, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Free Disk Space:26 GB
High graphics and visuals in fighting in Dragon Age Inquisition PC Game

Dragon Age Inquisition Summary

In short, the objective of the Dragon Age game is to capture forts or keeps to gain influence in those areas.
This can simply be achieved by defeating the occupants of those forts or keeps. Although defeating the occupants requires lots of skills and talent, but still players have to take risk in order to gain influence in that area. So friends, Download Dragon Age Inquisition, the latest Action Role-playing video game from the link given below and enjoy!

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Far Cry 4 download free PC game complete setup

Far Cry 4 Game Free Download

We have always tried to share the latest and most popular games on from where you can Download Free PC Games, Android Games, PS Games, iPhone Games and much more.
So today, we decided to share the latest PC game called Far Cry 4 free.
Read this complete review and then you can easily download Far Cry 4 from the link given below.

Far Cry 4 download is an Action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is published by Ubisoft for many platforms like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360PlayStation 4, Xbox One video game consoles, and for Microsoft Windows.

This is the fourth installment of Far Cry series in which a young Nepali Origin man return from his native country. Here, he comes across so many challenges which he accepts and fight with all his enemies.

Far Cry 4 Game Story

As we discussed earlier, Far Cry 4 revolves around a young Nepali man who returns to his home country Kyrat, to carry out her final wish by scattering her ashes in a place called Lakshmana, After the death of his mother Ishwari.
In the twenty years since Ishwari and Ajay fled Kyrat, the rebellion has stagnated, with The Golden Path fighting for their very existence. However, his mission is interrupted when his bus is attacked by the Royal Army and he is taken prisoner by Pagan Min, the country's eccentric and violent king who claims to have been romantically involved with Ishwari. Ajay escapes with the aid of Sabal, a commander in The Golden Path, a rebel movement established by Ajay's father Mohan.

Ajay escapes Yuma's prison, but in his absence, the tensions between Amita and Sabal reach new heights, and he is forced to make a final decision as to who will lead The Golden Path. Whichever leader he chooses then sends him to kill the other to prevent them from starting another civil war, and Ajay can choose to kill them as ordered or let them go. With The Golden Path now united under a single leader, Ajay joins them for an attack on Pagan Min's fortress and pushes on alone to Pagan's palace while The Golden Path holds off the military.

Far Cry Game 2014 Screenshots

Far Cry 4 shooting during the game

A tiger came during the game in Far Cry 4

System Requirements of Far Cry 4 PC Game

Before you start Far Cry 4 Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1 ( 64 Bit only )
  • CPU: Core i5 2.66 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard disk Space: 30 GB

Far Cry 4 Summary

Unlike many other Action-Adventure game, Far Cry 4 is a completely action packed game in which the player will never get bored for a single second and while playing, you will not feel that you are just playing a game, you will feel yourself that you are on that place in real and fighting with your enemies in real. So friends, what are you waiting for? Go and Download far Cry 4 from the link given below. I hope you will like it!

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Stronghold Crusader free download (with cheats) complete setup

Free download Stronghold Crusader for PC

Stronghold Crusader free download

Stronghold Crusader (with cheats) is one of the all time best Real-Time strategy ans simulation game. This is the reason that every PC game lover wants Stronghold Crusader free download. Although there are several many other strategy games like Age of Empire,

Developed and Produced

Stronghold Crusader is developed by Firefly Studios and was published by Take 2 Interactive and God Games. It is mainly produced for Microsoft Windows. It is the first Stronghold version in which 16 characters are introduced and every character has a unique feature which we will discus later.

Game map locations

Stronghold Crusader is almost the same with the original Stronghold and all other previous versions, but the main difference between previous version and this latest version is that previous versions were set in Europe, while this version Stronghold Crusader is set, designed and located in Middle East. The game is mainly focused in the era of Crusades.


Following are the main features of Stronghold Crusader Free Download that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • Real time strategy and simulation game.
  • Set in the Middle East.
  • Contains real time strategy campaign strings.
  • 16 characters introduced.
  • Characters categorized in terms of difficulty and tactics.

Military Units

As we discussed above, this version of Stronghold Crusader features 16 characters in which new Arabian units are also introduced  that can be purchased from a new building called Mercenary Post.
The best thing about these Arabian military units is that they doesn't require any weapons to produce unlike European military troops that are produced from Barracks but required to have those armors and weapons stored in the armory, which these units use. However, European military units are cheaper as compared to Arabian units because they are rather expensive.

Here is a complete list of the available troops in Stronghold Crusader.

These are your standard long-range troops. Their lack of armour makes them one of the quickest units in the game but in hand-to-hand combat, archers are virtually useless.  They have a long firing range and are very effective against units that don’t wear metal armour.

Crossbowmen:These units are slow to move and reload and have a shorter range than archers.  They are however very accurate and their deadly bolts can easily penetrate metal armour.
These are the first melee troops you have access to and the cheapest to produce. Having no armour makes them quicker than most troops and they prove useful for pushing ladders off of walls and digging moats.  They are also one of the few units able to use ladders to scale walls.

Pikemen:Their heavy pike and metal armour make pikemen slow to move but also make them the ultimate defensive unit.  They are able to take a lot of damage and are ideal for blocking access to areas of the castle.
Macemen:These thuggish brutes are quick and deal out a lot of damage, making them ideal assault troops.  They are not heavily armoured and like spearmen they can use ladders to scale castle walls.

Swordsmen:These are your elite foot soldiers.  Their heavy armour makes them the slowest unit in the game but when they reach their target they prove devastating.  They have both great offensive and defensive capabilities.

Knights:The ultimate trained solider, knights are both fast and deadly in combat.  They are also especially useful for surprise attacks, sallying forth from the castle to destroy siege equipment.  Each knight needs a horse bred for him in your stables.
Tunnelers:These special units can burrow beneath the foundations of enemy walls and turrets, causing them to collapse.  They are trained (for a cost in gold) at the tunneler’s guild.
Laddermen:If you can’t bring a wall down then these units will allow you to go over the top.  Laddermen are cheap to produce but very vulnerable so need to be deployed quickly.
Engineers:These are perhaps the most versatile and useful unit in the game.  They are required to build and man all of your siege equipment in and out of the castle.  These units are trained in the engineer’s guild.

Black Monks:These are mysterious individuals to say the least.  They are slow and cumbersome and fight with a quarterstaff. These can be trained in the cathedral.
Arabian Bows:These units are similar to their European counterparts and are relatively cheap to hire
Slaves:These are the cheapest units in the game.  They are armed with a flaming torch and if they get through your defences can reduce your castle to a smouldering heap of rubble.
Slingers: These units fire small rocks at their attackers and deal out some hefty damage but they only have a short range.
Assassins:These units can use a grappling hook to climb up enemy walls and are useful for capturing enemy gatehouses.
Horse Archers:These fast moving mounted archers are a major thorn in the European’s side.  Their ability to fire while on the move allows them to run circles around the opposition.
Arabian Swordsmen:As these are not as well armoured as their European counterparts but they are a little quicker.
Fire Throwers:  These throw fiery grenades of Greek fire at the enemy and are devastating to both buildings and troops.


Fight in the castle of Stronghold

Houses from where the children or peasants comes

Stronghold Crusader game view

Towers in Stronghold Crusader

Player has set up all the keeps and castle in Stronghold Crusader

Cheat & Glitch:

Although in Stronghold Crusader free download, but still we have discovered many cheats and glitches for you so that you can use them in situations you like. Click here to Read complete post: Stronghold Crusader Cheats

System Requirements:

Before you start Stronghold Crusader Free Download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8
  • CPU: 1.5MHz Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 850 MB


Now after reading this review, you will agree with me that Stronghold Crusader free download is no doubt, one of the best Real-Time strategy games ever produced. So click below to download Stronghold Crusader complete version. Play and Enjoy!

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Stronghold Crusader cheats with complete game setup 2015

All Cheats and Codes of Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader cheats:

In our previous post, we shared Stronghold Crusader free download, and promised you to share cheats for this game in our next post, so here we are. Today we are sharing Stronghold Crusader cheats.
Click here to download the game first: 
Stronghold Crusader Game
Meanwhile the game is downloading, read the complete post about Stronghold Crusader cheats.
In the below cheats list, every cheat has a different function.
Stronghold Crusader Cheats List

Cheat List

Enter these below cheats after Pausing the Game:
At main menu press SHIFT + ALT + A. Note: You may need to type TRIBLADE2002 to get the cheats to work. Now press:
  • ALT + X ... Increases popularity by 100 and money by 1000.
  • ALT + C ... Cycle characters or unlocks all missions.
  • ALT + K ... Destroy enemy fortress. (Or build for free?)
  • ALT + Z ... Destroy selected enemy.
  • ALT + G ... Destroy main stronghold.
  • ALT + D ... Engage debug mode.
  • ALT + P ... Increase character's level.
  • ALT + F ... Upgrades and purchases become free.
  • ALT + S ... Time shift.
  • ALT + Q ... Time compression engaged.
  • ALT + Y ... All enemies on screen turn into butt sauce.
    Press Alt + X to get Infinite Gold

Taller Walls

Use Hi Plain. Make a wall or something and then build  a wall on it and then erase the Hi Plain for a taller wall.

Make your Own Taunts

First, go into C:Program FilesFirefly StudiosStronghold CrusaderfxSpeech or wherever you installed Crusader. You will find a bunch of sound files. You need a microphone to do this. To make this easier, put the list of files in alphabetical order. Now, scroll down to the file Insult1. Insult1=F1 and you get the idea. (You can double click to listen to the file). Now right click on Insult1 to bring up a menu. Look down the list and find, "record". Click on that and it should bring up the sound recorder. Press record, record what you want to say and click stop. Instead of going to file save, press the close box and it should come up with a message stating the directory of the file changed and it will ask you if you want to save the changes. Click yes. Now, you can go into the game, press F1 and you should hear your recording. You can also do this with any other file in the speech folder. Note: Be aware that you can't change the file back to its original voice unless you reinstall the game. This is based on Windows XP and it might not be the same on Windows 98. etc.

Hold Enemies Captive Inside Their Own Castles

Take a small building such as an Oxen Tether. Place 1 or 2 of them right outside the gatehouse(s) of your enemy's castle, but make sure their keep is enclosed first. Immediately put the Oxen Tethers to sleep. The ground troops will walk to the gatehouse to destroy them but they can't get through, so they just walk back to their spot. Your enemy's buildings outside of the castle will spontaneously crumble because the workers can't get back inside the castle. Also, the gatehouse(s) you blocked might spontaneously crumble after a while. Soon there will be no food and the peasants will leave the castle. The small army will be trapped inside their own walls awaiting your arrival. When your army is built up, you can just waltz over and wipe the whole castle off the map. (Note: Make sure there are no enemies outside of the castle, or else they will probably come and destroy your oxen tethers.
Hold Enemies Captive Inside Their Own Castles


After finally beating the Crusader Trail challenge, here's some tactics that work well. See the above tactic for using an ox tether to block the enemies gate, but only use this on particularly difficult boards as you will not be able to collect stone.

Starting tactic, set game speed to lowest possible setting and spot your initial towers and crossbowmen. Put speed back after to preferred setting after you're set up. Defense is the first priority at all times. If you can defend then you can later go on offense.

Do not get locked into the concept of enclosing your castle. Quite often the best tactic is to surround your village area with towers filled with crossbowmen and ballistas. After filling the tower, delete the bottom step, enemy forces cannot get in and they won't try to tear it down either. You can always put it back in to send up reinforcements.
Leave an opening in your castle walls, heavily defend the opening. Attackers will gravitate to that opening, leaving the rest of your castle clear with walls that don't require defending. Make a death pass between two walls at that openeing, funnelling the enemy into a narrow place filled with swordsmen or pikemen.
Enemy towers that have seige engines can be taken out with the Assassin. Sneak him to the tower and let him kill the engineers. Use fire ballistas to burn the enemies farms, he will spend resources on replacing them instead of making new soldiers.

Easy Win

The first building you should build is a mercenary post 
then make some assassins and have them go to the top of the enemy castles.
Bowmen can't shoot them so you can sneak up right up to the top of the castle and kill everyone up
there and destroy that enemy.
Use this trick to win easily in Stronghold Crusader


Adds 100 Pop. And 1000 Gold

Press Shift + Alt + A. Then, during the game, press Alt + X.

Destroy Enemies

Press Shift + Alt + A. Then, during the game, press Alt + K.

Cheat Code Activation

At the main menu if the shift+alt+A does not work for you
hold the ctrl key and type in triblade2002. So it's ctrl+triblade2002.
The only code that has worked for me is the alt+x for the gold and
popularity points but the others may work for you.

Destroy Selected Enemies

Press Shift + Alt + A. Then, during the game, press Alt + Z.


Press Shift + Alt + A. Then, during the game, press Alt + Y.
Get Infinite Gold in Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader cheats Summary:

So that was it, I hope you will like all these Stronghold Crusader cheats. Don't forget to share it with friends and Enjoy!

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Dragon quest 3 iPhone game free download

iPhone game Dragon quest for free download

Dragon quest 3

Dragon quest 3 is a brand new iPhone game available for free download. This iPhone game features the adventures of a brave young man.
Dragon quest, the brave young man took a lot of risk to find the dark monster who is the Lord of Dark, he wants to destroy him. In this iPhone Game, you will travel along many dungeons located in many continents. So go and explore all the challenges and trials that are waiting for you.


Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS)
Jailbroken device
PC with iFunBox installed (Download iFunBox)
PC with iTunes

Game installation steps:
Download any game to your PC.
Run iFunBox on your PC.
In iFunBox right-click User Applications > Install App (fig. 1).
Select .ipa file of the game in the menu and install it to your phone.

1. Installing app under 1 GB using iFunbox
2. Installing app over 1 GB using iFunbox

NOTE! It’s not recommended to install an app that’s over 1 GB, as a result game can be crashed after the intro. To install games over 1 GB you should better place the game into "Installous" folder and install it via phone as usual.



Dragon quest 3 is a fascinating iPhone game in which you can adjust the number of assistance in the team. Moreover, in Dragon quest, you can select from 9 different professions during the 30 hours of gameplay. So guys, what are you waiting for? Go and download free Dragon quest 3 iPhone game and collect medals during the gameplay!

Play and enjoy!

Click here to Download