Hotspot Shield free download latest version 2014

Hotspot Shield free download is a software which is very useful and it is necessary for all internet users because hotspot shield free protects the privacy of all internet users whatever they are browsing and working on internet. Hotspot Shield free download is specially necessary for those who are using public Wi-Fi networks.

Hotspot Shield free holds a unique record of having more than 10 million downloads per year!
These huge number of its download clearly shows the popularity and usefulness of this software.
It is also necessary to download hotspot shield because it is the most essential element of these days.
How it works?

The working method of this free Hotspot Shield is not known by most of its users.
So today we are exposing working method of this VPN (Virtual Private Network) software, that how it works.

Hotspot Shield free download establishes an internet connection connected with free Hotspot Shield servers, and turns all HTTP site traffic to the safest HTTPS.
With this security action, no one can attack or steal your private data as the third person in between you and second person.
This hotspot shield latest version also has the ability of auto detection of Wi-Fi connection nearby.
Another best advantage of hotspot shield free is that sometimes it also increases the internet connection speed and opens internet pages more quickly as compared to when they were opened without using hotspot shield download latest version
So download hotspot shield and keep yourself protected while using internet connection.
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