Mp3 player download Jet Audio free latest version 2014

Mp3 player download Jet Audio is one of the smartest Mp3 player  available on the internet.
You can play your all audio and video files with this latest version of Jet Audio free download.
The best thing about this Mp3 player download is that you can also convert your favorite video files into many formats.

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Key Features:
 Although many Mp3 player download softwares are available on the internet but the key of getting the best Mp3 player download is to know about the main features provided by that Mp3 player download.
Having said that, lets talk about some of the key features of this one and only Mp3 player.

Media and Sound Equalizer:

It provides very huge variety of different sound equalizers which will enhance sound quality of your any sound track. Moreover, its feature of bass. treble, wide, re verb and x-bass makes it stand alone from all its competitors. All the Mp3 player download audio controllers provided in this version are amazing.

> CD Burning: 

With this player, you can not only play all your audio and video files but also Burn any CD or DVD from your CD drive. CD Burning always seems to be a difficult task to do but this Mp3 player download makes it very easy.

> Recording:

Recording any audio file is not considered as a key feature of any Mp3 player but this Jet Audio free download has a unique ability to record any audio file while listening to it. So you just have to play any audio file, press record button and just listen what you wants. This Mp3 player download will do the rest.

File Conversion:

Moreover, you can also convert any of your audio and video files from any format into any format you wants.
It doesn't requires any additional skills because it is provided with very easy user interface.

Skin Changes:

You can change its color theme anytime you wants. It has a vast variety of different color schemes and each color scheme will give you a different look and feel every time you changes it!

 So I will personally recommend you to try this best Mp3 player download. I'm sure you will find it the best out of the rest! :)