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Subway Surfers for Android is one of the most popular and most playing android game this year. Subway Surfers Android game is developed by Kiloo Game. Read the complete review so that you can Download Free Subway Surfers for Android. You can also Download Subway Surfers for PC with cheats and codes.

Overview of Subway Surfers for Android

Subway surfer is among the most famous games of this year. Especially, it is most famous among the users of smart phones, iPhone, and Windows mobile. The game is all about running smartly while keeping the cops away.
Interestingly, the game is no different than a routine life of a common man. Gamer has to earn as many coins as possible, to run harder to keep distance from the cops, to run smartly and avoid the hurdles which come in between you because these hurdles would stop your run towards your goal. You get multiple chances to achieve the target and in the end the game is over for you. And this is the reality of life as well which is portrayed in this game in an interesting manner.
Subway Surfers Game for Android Mobile Phones

Subway Surfers Game Information

The gamer is a boy running in full speed which a police man is chasing him. If police man is able to catch the gamer, the round is over. There are hurdles, jumps, trains, etc in between from which the gamer has to be aware to avoid them. Meanwhile, the gamer also has to earn coins which are being spread on the roads. The more coins are earned, the more points are generated. There are several power boards which are a form of bonus for the surfer.
Subway Surfers free game for Android Phones

Subway Surfers Android Game Features
  • Colorful and vivid HD graphics! 
  •  Hover board Surfing! 
  • Challenge and help your friends!
  •  Paint powered jet pack
  •  Grind trains with your cool crew! 
  • Lightning fast swipe acrobatics! 

Subway Surfers Android Game System Requirements

800 MHz or higher CPU; 512 MB ram,  Tegra 2, SGX 540, Mali 400, Adreno 205 or higher,30 mb free space and 2.3.3+ Android App O/S
Subway surfers free game for android

Tips for Android Subway Surfers

Tip 1: The surfers should try to stay up and run on the top of the trains. This will help him to keep away from the hazards and the obstacles which are in between the roads. Moreover the jumps in the air are a good source to increase the speed of the game. This means that the speed of moving through jumps is faster than running on the ground.
Tip 2: Try to catch the keys which are found very rarely during the run. Mostly you would get these keys in the mystery boxes or when you complete daily or weekly targets. These keeps are helpful when you hit the obstacle during the run. You can also buy these keys by paying real dollar money.
Tip 3: Try and earn as many gold coins as possible. Although it is obvious, but the more coins you earn the more high score you get so you have make your run more efficient and the timings while you jump and when you change lane should be effective to get maximum number of coins.
Subway surfers android game free download

Download Subway Surfers for Android

Now when you have read the complete review of Subway Surfers Android Game, you will be looking to download this android game. So friends, click below to Download Subway Surfers for Android. Download, Play and Enjoy!