Heroes of Myths – Warriors of Gods

Heroes of Myths – Best video game

Attraction, suspense, speed - all are waiting for you in Heroes of Myths – Warriors of Gods – a perfect combination of strategy and action game for all ages.

Heroes of Myths – Warriors of Gods Overview

Have you ever dreamed of coming back the time of ancient Greece - a land of the gods – an ancient Greek culture with many secret stories about the human, the earth, animals and the Gods? Simply, it is a time to join Heroes of Myths – Warriors of Gods and show off your fighting skills.

Heroes of Myths is an incredibly awesome action game in the context of ancient Greece. In here, waves of toxic monsters are coming and they only have a single aim is to destroy your castle as soon as possible. 
So, all you need is to lead your troops and defeat the evil forces in the game. Keep your mind to find a suitable strategy and destroy the enemy with some kinds of weapons such as swords, arrows, and spears until they run out of energy in the battle. 

Heroes of Myths – Warriors of Gods Gameplay

With simple gameplay, Heroes of Myths – Warriors of Gods doesn’t require you to use complex tactics in the game. 
Therefore, you only need to choose a god or hero and wipe out enemy waves before they reach your castle. 
Try your best to kill as many foes as possible and earn huge money for the next battle. Use your money to purchase soldiers and divine powers to become the King of Heroes of Myths – Warriors of Gods.

Furthermore, one big tip for you is that whenever zombies or their troops appear, they will be displayed by special symbols on the map. So, this is the best time for you to find out the most suitable strategy and kill them immediately before they reach near your base. 
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