Shellshock Live 2 Free Game for PC

Are you ready for the challenging tank fights? Survive or cover your tomb with tons of bullets. Live or die??? All will depend on your fighting skill. Jump in the century war in Shellshock Live 2!

Shellshock Live 2 Overview

Welcome Shellshock Live 2 world! Shellshock Live 2 is really back with many attractive points that will bring the players tons of smiles in the game. 

Shellshock Live 2 is a great multiplayer online shooting game with modern gameplay. In this game, your aim is to join an interesting tank battle and find the best strategy to defeat other talented players. 
As you know, with Shellshock Live 2, it is not only simple for you to shoot down the enemy tanks, but also think carefully about every step of your move on the way.

Also you can create free avatars online from here.

At here, you will experience the amazing fight ever among various tanks of other online players. 

All you need is to shoot down each other by using a wide range of weapons from simple machine guns and cannons to bizarre choices such as a flock of seagulls, deadly spaghetti, and even a plasma grenade. It sounds very attractive, right???

Shellshock Live 2 Gameplay

Especially, in Shellshock Live 2, you will only have two choices: live or die. This completely depends on your shooting skills and ability to handle problems. 

Therefore, keep your mind to move continuously in the match, shoot down the enemy tanks and get the highest score in the game.

One of the most difficult points in Shellshock Live 2 for the players is to move the ice mazes that can be destroyed and create many deadly traps on the way. 

Try your best to make the cannon rain and kill as many the enemy tanks as possible in this bloody battle. Don’t forget to collect much energy and upgrade many advanced weapons in Shellshock Live 2. Go ahead at Friv3!