Gunblood Cheat Codes

Gunblood game is belong to the categories of First person shooting as well as blood games. 

The cheat codes and secrets of games add more fun and entertainment always. Playing game with tips and tricks allow you to survive for a long time. 

Gunblood game is western shootout gunfight game in which you have to hit you rival before he shoot you. In this game you can apply cheats also.

Gunblood game is one the awful gift for the game lovers of the blood, shooting and gun games type from the WolfGames. No doubt it is one of the addictive gun and blood games. 

In Gunblood game you will have 1-on-1 gun fight with your rival. In this gun game you need following things
·         Accuracy
·         Quickness
·         Aiming ability

As the game level rises the above mentioned qualities of your rivals got increased to maximum and difficulty of each level increases.
In this one-on-one you should be very quick and accurate. As the level exceeded the accuracy and sharpness of the opponents go on sky.

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With cheats you survive for a long time. You can score maximum in survival and no hit mode. You can get maximum Ammo as compared to your rivals. 

Your rival will have only 6 bullets in hand. But make sure you can active only one cheat at a time so cheat selection is also important.

Gunblood cheat is applicable on all level including bonus level. But make sure in bonus level don’t hit your assistant. In that case you will lose the points. 

Once you start playing this game believe me you will become addictive very soon and adding cheats to the game making Hell Fun. 

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Enjoy Gunblood game and gunblood cheat.