Counter Strike: Global Offensive Private Cheat Software in 2018

If you have ever played the FPS shooter game Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) before, we’re sure you’ve come across players using cheats and hacks. Counter Strike: Global Offensive has always had cheaters, but lately we’ve seen an increase in private CS:GO hack software being released. They are usually a combination of two files including an executable and a .dll file to run, coded in C++ for the most part.

There are mainly two types of cheat software for CS:GO – Private ones for a fee, and public ones that are free.
The free ones are usually filled with malware, or will get your Steam account banned via VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat). Private cheat providers that charge a fee are undetected from anti-cheats to let you hack undetectably, but obviously comes with a price. Many cheat providers charge monthly subscription fees for their hack software, usually around $10-$15 per month, but we’ve also seen CS:GO hacks with one time fees.

Software Hack Features

These cheats (or hacks) usually have two main features: Wall hack and Aimbot.
Wall hack will let you see your opponents through walls at any time, sometimes with an ESP which can display their name, distance from you, health and other things. Aimbot on the other hand will help with your aim, something a lot of players in FPS games like to use. It usually locks on to your enemies head, making it extremely easy to get headshots with ease.
Some CSGO hacks have more features than that including radar hacks, trigger bots, speedhacks, bunny jumping and skin changing, but are not as frequently used as wallhack and aimbot. There are probably more features out there, but it’s hard to keep track of all the hacks people decide to code.

Why Do People Use Cheats and Hacks?

Cheaters in Counter Strike: Global Offensive can mostly be broken down into two categories: They either feel like they can’t win the legit way, or they simply just want to dominate and be god-like. We have seen people using cheating software to “level up” their accounts as well, and sometimes sell them for a profit.

Even pro players use cheats and we have seen a few of them through the years getting caught with hidden aimbots, radar hacks and other sneaky stuff. Some gamers seem to refuse to believe the fact that cheating does occur on a higher level, even with pros like Fnatic, NiP and other teams. If Lance Armstrong can cheat, so can FPS gamers. It wouldn’t be too hard to whip up a stealth aimbot for LAN use.