Minecraft - Everything you want to know about Minecraft Game!

Minecraft is a game I have played for many years. If you start to get into a game and it's genuinely good, then time will fly. Minecraft is one of these games and I've definitely spent 12+ hours in a day playing it.

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Creative Minecraft
The great thing about it, is that it doesn't enforce a particular way to play it. You could jump on a creative server and enjoy making pixel art or building huge cities. If you are up for more of a challenge you could start up a survival game.

Survival Minecraft
In survival Minecraft you have to make sure you have food and can defend yourself against the monsters (usually during the night). You also need to acquire everything you want from mining and exploring the world.

Another great aspect of Minecraft Survival is building minecraft farms, these farms can include things like an AFK fish farm

Hard mode Minecraft
A further challenge on from regular survival is hard mode. In hard mode it is the same as survival, except, when you die, the game ends. There is no restarting, you can just spectate your world without any interaction. This makes everything you do during the game more rewarding, but it also means you could lose everything. Restarting after losing a hard mode world can be tough.

Mini Games
Finally in Minecraft you have mini games that can include some PvP. These are fun ways of jumping onto Minecraft, having a quick blast of fun and then moving onto something else. There are games that require you to parkour around them and some where you have to attack your friends!

Bomb The Maze
There is a game called Bomb The Maze, which is very similar to the classic bomberman games. You have to stop your enemies from getting to the end of the maze by bombing it!

Defend The Pig
This mini game sort of speaks for itself. You have to defend a pig inside a little fence from a horde of creatures trying to get it. It's a really cool little mini game that is very enjoyable.

Paintball Splat
Paintball Splat is such a clever and fun mini game. You have to just throw snowballs at your mates and try to get them out of the game. It's really fun, you should definitely play it.

Maze Escape
This one is perfect for jumping on and having a relaxing time, trying to get out of the maze. It's really neatly put together and is very easy to get started. Everyone has done a maze before, so the concept should be really familiar. Start off in the middle of the maze and get to the end by taking the correct course back home. Good luck.

Summing Up Minecraft
All in all, Minecraft is an amazing game and it's incredibly enjoyable for people who like a variety of play and coming up with their own fun. It's even more fun when you can logon to a multiplayer server and enjoy playing with friends.

My recommendation is to get Minecraft if you haven't already and start having fun!