Why you should download League of Legends on PC

Downloading free games have always been convenient for people who don’t have enough money to invest in new games. the video games industry is evolving so fast that it’s difficult to follow and play every single new game that are created on PC.

LoL is a free to play game 

Some of us aren’t able to spend dozen of euros into a single game and the developers know it. That is why League of Legends developer gave the opportunity to everyone to enjoy the game for free and it actually worked. The only payable stuff in this game is not something that will help you to win, it’s just optional and you won’t gain anything out of it except a better feeling about the gameplay. The skins of your champions for example or new emotes or icon is not going to help you improve but you look better when you have them. Now, there are so many players in the game that it became one of the most competitive game in the history of video games. LoL players are facing issues when they are trying to evolve in terms of ranking. Indeed, League of Legends ranking system reset each season so if you are not playing it regularly, you might need to contact Eloboostlords and fix this problem. Nowadays, elo boosting is a service used by thousands of players in different games and it makes the gaming experience even better, especially in League of Legends. So you are not getting stressed about anything when you know you can buy an LoL boost at any time.

League of Legends is recognized as the best MOBA game 

This is not a secret for anyone. If you ask people around you, many of them have already played League of Legends once. Last year, it was the 10th anniversary of League of Legends while there were still millions of active players all around the world. It shows how the game is well created and designed for the very long term. Many streams on Twitch are related to League of Legends and also has its own channel to cast the professional scene The gameplay has been improved over the last years thanks to regular updates every two or three weeks so you won’t be disappointed to download it. The only inconvenience with the fact that you are downloading it for free is that you need time to level up your account, which means you have to play a lot before you are able to unlock everything you need. Moreover, in the first thirty levels, you can only play normal games and this can be sometimes annoying. But you don’t regret to play the game once you understand it well and find your favorite champion. Additionally, the games are getting short and shorter which let you free time to do anything else you want and take breaks because it only lasts 20 to 40 minutes on average. Finally, League of Legends is usually played for the fun side of the game, but some gamers are also playing lots of ranked games that are also very fun even if it’s taken more seriously. Whether you are an expert in MOBA games or just a casual gamer, League of Legends is without any doubt a great game to download. You can play alone or with friends, but you will still need to play in team because this is a 5 vs 5 game.