Treasure Hunt Game

Everyone loves a treasure hunt from young to old, that's why when looking through new indie games we discovered an interesting mobile app called Location Reward. This game is a free game augmented reality game which is a treasure hunt. Players can scan using their phone and find characters to collect and in return they are rewarded with real prizes. The game is only in beta launch to early sign up customers however expects a full launch early 2021. 

Why is this game different? It comes down to the prizes. The prizes are real as real businesses pay or provide the prizes because they want customer foot traffic to go to their location with the hope that they may become a regular customer and or purchase other items once they are at the businesses location.

A little bit about the game, Location Reward is free to use and play with your chance to win great prizes such as gift cards, hospitality prizes, products, discounts and more just by visiting certain locations.   Players  can also compete against their friends by collecting different icons such as coins, diamonds and mushrooms.  

For businesses it is a fun unique way to market to the right audience and demographic by placing coins at their shop, mall, restaurant or cafe. By using Location Reward businesses can place prizes free of charge. Location reward also offers a white label treasure hunt for companies that would like to use their own branding and only show prizes from their own company.

For businesses Location Reward provides a special back end platform that is connected to the game. Businesses can insert the prizes to the specific location for the prizes to be discovered by new customers. 

Location reward also has a white label solution. What is white label? This is when companies look to run their own branded treasure hunt. Location Reward enables them to do this on their own platform and url  with their white label product. This type of solution is perfect for marketing teams to be able to use their own marketing, own messaging and have their own dashboard to control where prizes are distributed. 

This treasure hunt game is expected to be fully released in early 2021, due to the current covid 19 restrictions. This is a novel approach to marketing as it may help to assist businesses get back on their feet following the pandemic. With so many borders being closed by both states and territories this new marketing approach may be a great way to get targeted customers to the shops and generate new customer attention. 

Pre-registration is free for early player registration, so if you would like to sign up head over to their website. Early registration will be notified of launch areas and more specific clues as to where the prizes are hidden. If you are a business and you are interested in participating send them a note and talk to the team about being part of the launch process.