Treasure Hunt Game

Everyone loves a treasure hunt from young to old, that's why when looking through new indie games we discovered an interesting mobile app called Location Reward. This game is a free game augmented reality game which is a treasure hunt. Players can scan using their phone and find characters to collect and in return they are rewarded with real prizes. The game is only in beta launch to early sign up customers however expects a full launch early 2021. 

Prize Strike: The Treasure Hunt Game


It's easy to see how everyone loves a treasure hunt. Kids of all ages love the challenge and the reward involved with finding a prize or treasure. InGame Credit are in a beta release of an Augmented reality treasure hunt caled Prize Strike. This game differs slightly from other models in these unique ways:


1.    The prizes are significantly larger. The reason for this is simple: the team behind Prize Strike contact actual businesses who want to promote their brand. In doing this participating companies can access demographics much faster than a shotgun marketing approach.

2.    No lengthy advertisements. Players hate lengthy thirty second advertisements to win a small prize. Nobody likes long advertisements

3.    There isn't a high minimum threshold to withdraw your prize or winnings. Players hate having to wait until an amount is earned before they can claim the reward.

4.    Tailored prizes! Players have the option of telling Prize Strike what their interests are. By advising the game of what they like automatically helps companies to tailor to the right target audience.


How does the treasure hunt game work? Prize Strike is an AR location based game. The mission of the game is to collect the coins or prizes that are strategically placed by companies. This concept is assisting with getting more foot traffic into stores and restaurants following the Covid 19 Pandemic. Coins are collected and can be exchanged in the online store for products or digital gift cards.


Prize Strike is working closely with many businesses to provide the prizes. To do this successfully the game is being rolled out by location in stages. InGame credit is also working on SSO (Single Sign On) this way players can sign on using the same profile to different games yet aggregate the rewards.


What are some of the prizes available? There are the obvious gift cards and vouchers to gaming, movies, music, food and there are larger prizes consisting of electronics, cryptocurrency, phones and gadgets available. Companies wishing to participate in the real life treasure hunt can contact the Prize Strike team via their website


What are some of the cons to Prize Strike? It's a new game so expect some bugs. The team at prize strike has a bug bounty for levels of bugs reported. To report any bugs please do so via the company's website. You may not see coins in your location, this is because Prize Strike is working closely with local merchants to provide prizes to players. You can however send a request to the team to work on your country, city, state or territory.


Some of the benefits of Prize Strike? As mentioned its real prizes to stop wasting players time and effort and of course no lengthy advertisements wasting more of the players time.


The game is currently in beta mode accepting early registration player signups. Early registration player sign up is at no cost and players will be notified earlier to gain an advantage in the game. You can read more about this game on the website

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